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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or any other device you use to visit our website.

What are cookies?

We use cookies to make your visits more efficient. In particular, through cookies:

The information we collect from cookies

Cookies help us gather information about how you use our websites but they do not store information that can identify you. We only store a single session ID that helps us retrieve your user profile and your preferences the next time you visit our website.

Type of cookies

Managing cookies

The settings menu of most browsers provides options for managing cookies by adjusting or configuring their settings. Typically, the browser allowsyou to:

If you set up your browser to block our cookies, keep in mind that you may not have access to some sections of our websites. If you set your browser to delete all cookies, your browser preferences will be deleted when you close your browser. Remember that our system will produce cookies as soon as you log in to one of our websites unless you have set up your browser to reject cookies.

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