Mechanical pencils

Mechanical pencils: quality business gifts

Are you looking for a quality item for your business gifts? Here you are FCA snc’s mechanical pencils!
Also this year we have thought to a prestigious gift idea that will strengthen your relationship of trust with customers and employees.
We have created for you beautiful mechanical pencils, covered with precious wood, with excellent finishes and customization possibilities.

FCA snc’s mechanical pencils: 3 generations of professionalism and attention to detail

Starting from a careful selection of raw materials, FCA snc’s qualified staff has molded wood, transforming it into refined mechanical pencils. These writing, drawing and precision objects are essential tools to express manuality and creativity.
Excellence in machining exalts the grain and wood colors and manual finishing makes each piece unique and exclusive.

Mechanical pencils

Mechanical pencils entirely produced in Italy

FCA snc’s mechanical pencils are ergonomic and equipped with a first quality mechanism for the insertion of  5mm mines. In addition, the push for the mine is a handy sharpener.
mechanical pencils

Futhermore, all components of our mechanical pencils are entirely made in Italy.
The product comes in an elegant cardboard box.

Customizable finishes

In addition, FCA snc offers, against a minimum production quantity, the choice of wood essence and finishes and customization with company logo. As a result, you can enhance the identity of your business to customers and collaborators eyes.
Our wooden mechanical pencils are a company gift, suitable for any occasion, highly professional and durable.

For your business gifts, choose FCA snc’s mechanical pencils!

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