Woodworkings on project

Objects, furnishings and office items
from the client’s drawing

Made in Italy


All products with FCA logo are entirely manufactured in Italy.


FCA produces wooden objects for everyday use and special occasions.
We also create wooden components from musical instruments such as clarinet barrels.
Among the many proposals you can find:

  • Components for musical instruments
  • Watches holders
  • Glasses holders
  • Cases for champagne, wine and spirits
  • Pills holders
  • Containers and boxes for precious jewels
  • Containers for pot pourri
  • Gadgets for events and anniversaries
  • Mobile Covers
  • Favours


FCA creates for private and companies elegant and refined in detail furnishings:

  • Tables and coffee tables
  • Rods for floor and table lamps
  • Wooden and corian covers for switches
  • Exhibitors
  • Centrepiece tables
  • Tables trays, for glass, cup and mugs
  • Wooden frames and photo frames
  • Wooden napkin holders
  • Incense holders
  • Documents holders
  • Wooden empty pockets
  • Coat hangers
  • Furniture / wood structures for acoustic and computer speakers

For the office

Elegance and functionality give new look to work.
FCA offers its customers office articles made with high quality wood and skill worked.

  • Desk pen holder
  • Wooden rulers and squads
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Wooden pens and pencils
  • Wooden pen drive


Winx Lifestyle Magic & Design

We collaborate with designers, creating wooden objects of great quality and precision. Like the rooms of the “Winx Lifestyle Magic and Design” project, created in collaboration with Rainbow spa and the Politecnico of Milan.

Our creations include:

  • “Tempo sospeso” (chandelier) and wooden books for Bloom
  • “Elegance” (chair), “Suspension” (table) and a wall clock for Stella
  • Furnishing accessories for Tecna
    • “Care” (table), Linphea vases and sign plates for Flora
    • “Crescendo” (bookcase) for Musa
    • Fitness equipment for Aisha

Winx project: wooden hands of the clock

Winx project: wooden clock (details)

Winx project: wooden clock

Winx project: wood details

Winx project: wood details – 2

Winx project: wooden pieces

Winx project: wooden chair

Not only wood


In FCA’s production wood can be combined with other materials:
on demand, corian / parapan, wood-aluminum and resins can be used.

Wood essences


Corian / Parapan


Attention to details


FCA processes are characterized by the attention paid to details.
The details intrinsic in raw material are enhanced, as in the case of wood grains, which are left free to slide along the entire product.
Manual finishing, practiced by highly trained staff, makes every piece perfect as a unique being.

Lavorazione su progetto di oggettistica in legno e altri prodotti - dettaglio vassoio

Excellent presentation


FCA produces 100% recycled packaging according to customer requirements,
real works of art from the green heart!