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Promotional items: right value to your product!

To keep a client’s business with a corporate gift is a crucial point. The customer feels rewarded and always keeps you in mind. FCA snc produces high quality promotional items, with luxury finishes and customized with the corporate customer logo.

Why not consulting FCA snc to plan your business promotion?

Promotional items from FCA snc: study of the promotion with the customer

The basic principle of FCA snc is customer care. Promotional items are designed with the customer, depending on the type of productcustomer target to be reached and budget available for the promotion.

Here you are an example of the promotion made by our client Kabel- & Kunststoffhandel GmbH. For the purchase of 10,000 meters of cable, Kabelhandel’s customer will receive a wooden ruler manufactured in Italy by FCA snc.
ooden rulers promotional items
The images have been used with the authorization of the customer.

Careful selection of materials and finishes

For the promotion used as example it was chosen a ruler in white maple, made with the technique of CNC working.

Various types of wood are available, obtained from top quality materials and certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The waste of material is minimized, thanks to the thin-cutting technique.

Against minimum production, the finishes are customizable.
We can engrave your company logo on promotional items, using Laser, screen printing or with the exclusive CN engraving technique.

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Customized packaging

FCA snc pays special attention to the packaging of objects. The customer has a choice of different types of packaging. Even the final shipping packaging is treated in detail.

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Promotional items with warranty!

The guarantee of product quality is a fundamental element for FCA snc. Promotional items are accompanied by a quality certificate, issued in the language of the customer.
ooden rulers promotional items

For your business activities, choose promotional items from FCA snc: we obtain from wood solutions of various types, all marked with the label “prodotto in Italia”.

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