Scrap wood - wooden model adb association

From scrap wood a wooden model for the ADB association

The scrap wood from our processing is not lost: we decided to donate it to the ADB association, in support of people with disabilities. With these scraps, the association has created a wooden model that reproduces in miniature the path of the “Carrozzina Sprint” project.

Our contribution to the ADB association, in support of the disabled

The ADB (Associazione Disabili Bergamaschi) supports people with permanent disabilities, especially those affected by spinal injury; its objective is to encourage the creation of structures for care and rehabilitation.

Since 1988 (year of the association’s foundation) there have been several projects that promote inclusive activities and the removal of architectural barriers.

We admire this association because it works daily to improve the lives of disabled people. We therefore wanted to give our contribution by donating scraps from our woodworkings to the ADB association (as, in the past, to other associations and institutions in the area). We think that using wood scraps to create new objects is the best way to recycle wood and protect the environment.

A model with scrap wood for the "Carrozzina Sprint" project

Among the most recent projects of the association, there is “Carrozzina Sprint” (Sprint Wheelchair), an outdoor track, with gravel and pebbles, climbs and bumps, designed to help people in wheelchairs to face architectural barriers.

A similar project has already been carried out inside the Casa degli Angeli di Mozzo: in a home automation environment, that reproduces a house, patients, helped by their family members, learn to move independently and carry out daily actions (such as cooking). Located outside the Spinal Unit of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital (at the Mozzo’s branch), “Carrozzina Sprint” simulates land and obstacles that people with disabilities face every day outside their homes in their cities.

The association used the scrap wood donated by us to create the illustrative model that reproduces the rehabilitation path. The recovery of the discarded wood material has allowed us to optimize our production. Above all, it has led to the creation of a useful object for a beautiful reality of our territory. We feel close to the patients of the ADB association: with will and tenacity, they commit to overcome obstacles, just as we work constantly to perfect our CNC woodworking.

Inside the model, you can see several Lego characters, including “Capitan Barriera” (Captain Barrier). This Lego man in a wheelchair is the mascot of the association, and many famous people have taken a picture with him.


The “Carrozzina Sprint” project was presented on March 15, 2019 during a charity dinner at the Bergamo Congress Center. The event was also attended by authorities, including the president of the ADB association Claudio Tombolini and the Honourable Member of Parliament Elena Carnevali.

We are happy to have contributed to this project. We will continue to support the ADB association and its patients and to carry out quality wood workings by optimizing and recycling scrap wood.