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FCA snc is specialized in the thin cutting technique which allows to obtain thicknesses very close to absolute precision. This technique is used in the manufacture of wooden lamellas and other materials with two tenths of a millimeter thickness.

Thin cutting lines: “evolved” machineries

For FCA snc technology is an essential element to the achievement of the requirements requested by the customer.
For this reason, the company devotes ongoing investment in advanced machines, such as in latest generation thin cutting lines.
Here is an example of measurement of the results obtained by FCA snc:

FCA snc: skills

FCA snc counts among its production techniques:

thin precision cutting not only wood (eg wood / aluminum)
–  wooden and plastic materials spare parts on design for mechano-textile industry
CNC machining / milling of solid wood, compound, MDF, chipboard and plastic materials
– special productions on design for industry
– CNC machining for the automotive industry
– workings for the music and marine industry

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FCA snc’s machinings are carried out on commission of the customer and provide the use of drawings presented by the client.

Industrial components

Through the thin cutting, the precision of detail is constant and maintained in the order of tenths of a millimeter.
FCA snc’s workings also involve other materials than wood (non-ferrous): plexiglas, PVC, polyethylene and aluminum, where industrial components for the mechanical-textile sectors, electrical and automotive industries are obtained.

Gift items all the year

In addition to industrial parts, FCA snc also offers a wide range of gift, furniture and office items with customizable finishes and a choice of essences.
Here are some examples of wooden cards made by FCA snc: poker cards, alphabetizer and greetings / invitation cards.

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