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Woodworkings on CNC machines

FCA snc performs woodworkings on cnc machines for third parties;
we can work on solid wood, but also
on other materials in laminated wood (multilayer, blockboard, etc.) and MDF.

Processing can be finalized to prototyping, to scale production, to production of components.

FCA snc is able to efficiently satisfy every woodworking request, from the simplest to the most complex; we can do it thanks to our complete equipment of 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machines.

from cutting and milling to sanding

Wood workings for third parties

The trunk is at first subject to the sizing.

To ensure the accuracy of the subsequent processing steps and an excellent aesthetic result, FCA verifies that the sizing is carried out impeccably by our suppliers.

We make square cuts on solid wood or wooden panels of all types and sizes.

A rotating cutting head removes portions of wood. In this way, different shapes such as grooves, roundness and 3D shapes are obtained from the raw wood.

The holes can pass from one part to the other or be partial, that is, they do not pierce the wood, or the can be worked by helicoidal materials in case of large thicknesses.

The ends are worked to give the piece of wood the desired shape.

Drawings and geometric patterns are made on wood.

The wood engraving performed by FCA can be compared to a modern form of writing, made with extreme precision and uniform results even in the smallest details.

Any imperfection is cancelled and the surface is worked on to make it smooth and show the natural colors and veins of the wood more clearly.

Equipment for wood cnc machining

Numerical control work centers

3 axis CNC

Machining center with 3 interpolated axes for processing flat elements and nesting technology.

Work area dimensions: 2500×1200

4 axis CNC

Machining center with 4 interpolated axes for processing flat or three-dimensional elements.

Work area dimensions: 3600×1300  360° vector axis

5 axis CNC

Machining center with 5 interpolated axes for working flat or three-dimensional elements.

Work area dimensions: 3050×1200 – mm400 piece passage.

A CNC line for straightening and unframing

A new CNC production line for straightening and unframing is active at FCA. The machinery guarantees an increase in production and processing of an even greater precision, in the order of a few hundredths of a millimetre.

With the new line, production improves considerably. Its sustained speed makes it possible to satisfy requests for small and large quantities. Performances are further improved: the CNC machine can execute profiles and shapes of 2 hundredths of a millimetre of tolerance. Thanks to the measurement, which can take place while the machinery is in action, we guarantee extreme precision for all production.


Equipped machine park

other machineries

The machine park, besides woodworkings on cnc machines, is also used for other workings on behalf of third parties, applied on solid wood, plastic materials and aluminum.
The machines are periodically replaced; this guarantees the maintenance of avantgarde technologies. 

Finished details

Precision in details and amazing shapes

We combine the advanced technology of our numerical control machineries with the skill of our operators: we carry out high precision CNC machining, with careful attention to every detail. Working on a project, we create shapes of different sizes, with smooth surfaces and finely finished details.

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our woodworkings on cnc machines

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