Workings and technologies

Wood engravings and other third party processings
carried out with CNC and modern machineries

Innovative Technologies Wood

Cuts, workings and engravings

Working methods

45° cut

The 45° cut gives superiority in aesthetic and resistance.
The processed wood keeps a very natural continuation of the veining and colour uniformity.
From the structural point of view, the 45 degree cut allows a perfect fit between the pieces.

taglio-45-01    taglio-45-02

Thin cut

With thick margin of only 2 tenths of a millimeter, the thin-cutting approaches to absolute perfection.
This processing is performed by FCA’s staff, using particular skill and by two dedicated machines.
The thin cut is applied on wood and other materials.


3D workings

FCA operates with 3D manufacturing techniques from customer design,
which are implemented through numerical control machines.
It is also possible to proceed on particular objects with curved surface.



Engraving is a modern form of writing: the stretch is extremely accurate, the results are uniform to the smallest detail. FCA produces incisions combining the experience of the staff with the most modern CNC machines.


The technology at the service of precision


According to FCA technology is a fundamental value, a piece that completes the passion for wood and always kept updated with customer needs. For this reason the company dedicates continuous investments in advanced equipment.

Currently in the company there are:

  • 3, 4 and 5 axis cnc used for cnc wood processing
  • 4 and 5-head moulder machines with automatic loading
  • 6-head moulder machines with automatic loading / unloading and piece measurement
  • calibrator 2 tapes (maximum length 1200)
  • machine for thin cutting (maximum cutting length: 400 mm)
  • 4 toupies (with automatic feed for milling)
  • 2 double blade panel saws (with maximum cutting lengths 3000 and cuts 0/45°)

This machine park ensures excellent results on works based on the client’s project, on behalf of third parties and on advanced processes.

A CNC line for straightening and unframing

A new CNC production line arrived in FCA, used for straightening and unframing.
Thanks to the machinery, we can guarantee an increase in production and a processing of an even more accentuated precision, in the order of a few hundredths of a millimetre.
The new line significantly improves production. We can satisfy requests for small and large quantities thanks to its high speed. Performances are further perfected: the CNC machine can carry out profiles and shapes of 2 hundredths of a millimetre of tolerance. With measurement, which can also take place while the machinery is in action, we can ensure extreme precision for all production.

CNC line for straightening unframing
CNC line for straightening pieces measurement device
CNC line for straightening unframing with pieces return

Attention to every detail

Precision in details and amazing shapes

In each process we combine the advanced technology of our machinery with the skill of our operators, acquired in thirty years of activity. We pay careful attention to every detail, guaranteeing high precision processing. We bring your project to life: we create custom shapes of different sizes, with smooth surfaces and finely finished details.

The impossible becomes possible

Advanced Manufacturing

The competence of FCA also extends to advanced processing,
examples of absolute perfection applied to excellent materials.

Not only wood

Industrial components

FCA’s workings concern non-wood materials, too.
Components for industrial sectors, such as textile and electrics,
are obtained from plexiglas and polyethylene.
Details precision is constant and maintained in the range of hundredths of millimetre.

Knowledge and know-how



All raw materials purchased by FCA snc FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified; this identifies that wood comes from forests that meet the optimal management standards and chain of custody. Our commitment to the environment starts from a smart purchase.