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Innovative Technologies Wood
The Soul of the wood
Alive matter
FCA esalta l'essenza del legno
in una fitta trama di venature e colori
Precision Projects
Technology on a human scale
A commitment
to the environment
Sustainable Production
Nature paints on wood incomparably beautiful stories. FCA, grateful for this wealth, reduces emissions and optimizes the use of materials.

FCA: innovative technologies wood

Processing of solid wood and other materials

For three generations the Carminati family has been dedicating itself to the processing of solid wood.
Today FCA snc continues to favor this prestigious raw material,
also opening itself to the use of plastic materials, aluminum,
other stratified wood materials (multilayers, listellars, etc.) and MDF.

Passion for wood

FCA snc operates mainly on solid wood, the innermost section of the trunk and therefore the most noble, endowed with elasticity, strength and durability


The FCA snc factory is equipped with CNC and other advanced machinery, configured according to customer needs.

Environmental ethics

The choice of FSC wood, the optimization of the use of materials and our packaging make FCA snc an eco-friendly business.

Luxury Accessories


FCA snc is able to carry out the prototyping and production in every quantity (from limited batch to series)
Woodworkings on project fit into a variety of sectors, including: interior design, objects,
flooring and nautical, automotive and acoustic furnishings.
The mastery of cutting-edge CNC techniques and the modern work centers make it possible for the company to work in many other fields.
For the office
Special projects
For Christmas

Each stage, attention dedicated


FCA pays attention to details in every step of production,
adopting mechanical precision and human skills,
as requirements for a perfect result.

1- Selection and storage in stock

The wood is chosen according to quality standards. When material arrived, we proceed with the storage in our warehouse.

2 - Controlled vacuum drying

If necessary, the timber is subjected to vacuum-controlled drying.

3 - Planing on four sides

The raw material is selected in a fiber and color base and straightened on all 4 sides.

7 - painting or waxing

The product is treated with conventional or water-based paints or with waxes or natural oils.

6- Manual finishing

Each piece is carefully controlled and hand finished by skilled workers.

5 - Calibration & sanding

The product is subjected to several processing steps, such as sanding and calibration.

4 - Working centers

The wood is processed with CNC machines that give the final shape to the material.
Years in Business
Advanced machineries
hundredths of a millimeter in precision
Percentage of exported products

CNC - thin cut - engravings

Working methods and technologies

FCA snc pays particular attention to working methods, which are continuously updated and improved. The machines are also periodically replaced and equipped.

The presence of three-, four- and five-axis CNC machines makes it possible to satisfy all production requests, from the simplest objects to the most complex shapes.

The machine park also includes a machine for thin cutting, able to provide a margin of thickness of only 2 tenths of a millimeter.

Among the work carried out there is also the engraving on wood, other materials and on smooth and rough surfaces. The thin line draws details that amaze the eye and enhance the raw material.

Third party processing

FCA snc, in addition to tailor-made products, is also available to perform solid wood and other materials for third parties, for artisans and other companies that need precision work.

Different roles, common goal


Partner and collaborators


An important objective needs winning partners.
FCA snc deals with following business companies:

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    6ab architects &co


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    Gabriele Pezzini


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  • L’Artisan Gainier – Joel Bouchet


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    L’Or Divin


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    Cebos Color


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