Forefront Woodworking

FCA snc is a small company dedicated to the creation of wood luxury items and more.
The activity distinguishes itself for the harmony between craftsmanship, gained in decades of experience of Carminati family and advanced technology, kept always up to dated.

From Wood


A passion can be kept alive only by human hands.
FCA, thanks to years experience in the field, selects
highly qualified staff, who can wisely unravel the natural richness of the wood.

Come back to wood


A mind stuck in the past produces ideas without a future.
FCA invests in updating the skills and
in high-tech machineries,
in a constant evolution oriented to customer needs.


Environmental ethics

Wood is such a great resource as worthy of respect.
FCA adopts sustainable production methods that reduce emissions and the use of raw material.

  • 100% recycled packaging

    Entirely recycled packaging is used: the product is well protected and the environment thanks!

  • Reduced emissions of dust and CO2

    FCA is well below the limits set by law for inland dust and CO2 emissions. The oversized pipelines lead to a considerable change of air, to protect the health of workers.

  • Material usage optimization

    Using wood as a primary source, respecting the problem of deforestation.
    FCA works the wood and avoids wastage: the thin cut exploits all available material, manufacturing scraps are re-used for new products.

  • Floor heating

    The entire structure is equipped with floor heating adjusted in height, which avoids the dispersion of heat upwards and thus significantly reduces consumptions.

Deeper roots, stronger trees




Mr. Giuseppe Carminati, the current owners’ grandfather, opened a small woodworking business for windows and antique furniture


Renewed activity

Mr. Carminati Arnaldo, now FCA’s honorary president , continues the family business, but adopting different specializations: in addition to woodworking for windows, included a production dedicated to civil furnishings.




FCA: premium production

Arnaldo’s sons: GianMauro, Paolo and Donatella, mark the turning point:
they introduce the latest machineries and manufacture luxury products and for third parties.
The passion for the raw material is constant, the technology enhances the traditional techniques.
Born FCA snc.


New plant

The renewed production site, with 1350 square meters of surface, becomes active.
Modern environments, designed to accommodate large machinery and to protect human health and the environment.


The efficiency becomes elegance


The offices adjacent to the plant are an elegant exhibition of the FCA’s creations:
the furniture is made in-house and
the exhibition of products completes spaces.
The customer can touch the quality of proposals, from the first meeting!